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Volume 14, Issue 3, March 2020

Volume 14, Issue 3

March 2020

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    • Rapid estimation and compensation method of commutation error caused by Hall sensor installation error for BLDC motors
      Multivariable sliding-mode extremum seeking PI tuning for current control of a PMSM
      Magnet temperature estimation based on a novel frequency determination algorithm for the five-phase PMa-SynRM
      Calculation and validation of stray-field loss in magnetic and non-magnetic components under harmonic magnetizations based on TEAM Problem 21
      Rotor eddy current analysis and optimisation design of intermediate ring in novel double squirrel-cage induction motor
      Simultaneous radial deformation and partial discharge detection of high-voltage winding of power transformer
      Simulation analysis and experimental evaluation of the transient behaviour of a reluctance magnetic coupling
      Analytical modelling and optimisation of line start LSPM synchronous motors
      Direct power control of SRG-based WECSs using optimised fractional-order PI controller
      Research on a hybrid excitation PM synchronous generator with stator third harmonic winding excitation
      Simplified algorithm for assessment equivalent circuit parameters of induction motors
      Commutation error rapid compensation for brushless DC motor based on DC-link current phase extraction method
      Design principle of a 16-pole 18-slot two-sectional modular permanent magnet linear synchronous motor with optimisation of its end tooth
      Robust design for reducing cogging torque in surface-mounted permanent magnet synchronous motor considering tolerances of sub-components
      Novel MTPA control strategy for IPMSM based on multiple virtual signals injection
      New finite element based method for thermal analysis of axial flux interior rotor permanent magnet synchronous machine
      Compact designs of permanent-magnet biased fault current limiters
      FPGA-based real-time implementation of a direct torque control with second-order sliding mode control and input–output feedback linearisation for an induction motor drive
      Design and development of a magnetic lead screw propulsion device for general transport system
      Converter-level reliability prediction and analysis in switched reluctance motor drive
      High-precision non-linear modelling method for a switched reluctance linear machine by interpolation with using variant sigmoid function
    • Optimal current calculation for a PMSG based wind energy system integrated into an unbalanced weak grid

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