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Volume 14, Issue 14, 23 December 2020

Volume 14, Issue 14

23 December 2020

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    • Multipurpose battery-assisted solar water pumping system for off-grid applications: design and development
      Stator inter-turn faults diagnosis in induction motors using zero-sequence signal injection
      Analysis and design of a S/PS compensated IPT system with constant current output
      Analytical model for slotted stator brushless surface inset permanent magnet machines using virtual current theory
      Saturated VSD model of a six-phase induction machine
      Magnet array of planar motor using permanent magnets with different magnetisation intensity and height
      Improved position signal demodulation method for sensorless control based on HF sinusoidal pulsating voltage injection
      Design optimisation and performance investigation of novel dual three-phase permanent-magnet linear synchronous machines for a ropeless elevator system
      Space-vector state dynamic model of SynRM considering self- and cross-saturation and related parameter identification
      System-level optimal design process of inverter-fed BLAC motor used for 12–48 V integrated electric brake system
      Verification of effect of secondary conductor bar on starting characteristics in line-start type self-excited wound-field synchronous motor
      Comparative assessment of supercapacitor bank switching techniques under constant resistor, constant current, and constant power loads
      Reduction of torque and flux ripples in direct torque control for three-level open-end winding PMSM drive
      Current harmonic elimination for dual three-phase PMSM based on a spatial analytical model of flux linkage
      Noise reduction in switched reluctance motor by modifying the structures
    • Anisotropic layer model theory applied to synchronous machine analysis
      Design study of an aerospace motor for more electric aircraft

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