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Volume 13, Issue 9, September 2019

Volume 13, Issue 9

September 2019

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    • Eccentricity fault diagnosis indices for permanent magnet machines: state-of-the-art
    • Analytical design of the integrated motor used in a hubless rim-driven propulsor
      Transient dynamic analyses of presaturated core fault current limiters through flux and inductance versus current modelling
      Rotor design for line start AF-PMSM
      Performance prediction of surface-mounted permanent magnet synchronous motor based on ring specimen test result
      Life-time characteristics of random wound compressed stator windings under thermal stress
      Feedforward decoupling control for rigid rotor system of active magnetically suspended high-speed motors
      Application of the inductive high current testing transformer for supplying of the measuring circuit with distorted current
      Three-coil structure-based WPT system design for electric bike CC and CV charging without communication
      Health monitoring and prognosis of electric vehicle motor using intelligent-digital twin
      Variable damping injection control of PMSM drive systems based on isolated shoot-through Z-source inverter
      Iron loss and start-up ability of a 6/2 switched reluctance machine with different magnetic polarity of windings
      Magnetic field analysis and optimisation of permanent magnet machines with novel two-segment Halbach array
      Analysis and implementation of a new method to retain the original speed and torque of synchronous reluctance motor during sustained voltage dip
      Cost-effective inductive power transfer charging system for electric bicycles with variable charging current using primary-side detuned series-series topology
      Analysis of an eddy current brake for an actuator of a high-voltage direct current circuit breaker
      Time-variant PM flux linkages and magnetising inductances of a line-start PM synchronous motor with composite solid rotor
      Modified steady-state modelling of brushless doubly-fed induction generator taking core loss components into account
      Modelling and experimental research on the equivalent magnetic circuit network of hybrid magnetic couplers considering the magnetic leakage effect
      Fast computation of electric field and capacitance matrix of transformer windings with boundary element method and adaptive cross approximation

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