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Volume 13, Issue 8, August 2019

Volume 13, Issue 8

August 2019

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    • Synchronous vibration control for a class of cross-coupled antisymmetric MSR systems
      Predictive controller considering electrical constraints: a case example for five-phase induction machines
      Electric oil pump design of hybrid continuously variable transmission
      Equivalent circuit method for circulating current loss of transposed strands in multi-turn coil of a canned induction motor
      Sizing and detailed design procedure of external rotor synchronous reluctance machine
      VCO-less PLL control-based voltage-source converter for power quality improvement in distributed generation system
      Design of slit width to improve space harmonic distribution in a slit stator motor
      Design methodologies for the output power maximisation of synchronous reluctance machines
      New adaptive fuzzy sliding mode scheme for speed control of linear switched reluctance motor
      Design and direct field current control scheme of a synchronous generator with PM exciter based on the reference frequency
      Multi-objective optimisation design and performance comparison of permanent magnet synchronous motor for EVs based on FEA
      Dynamic controller design for an IVCIM
      Research on power-angle characteristics of permanent magnet linear synchronous motor
      Methods for overcoming misalignment effects and charging control of a dynamic wireless electric vehicle charging system
      Novel speed estimation technique for vector-controlled switched reluctance motor drive
      One-cycle decoupling control method of multi-leg switching power amplifier for magnetic bearing system
      Designing and experimentally testing a flux-focusing axial flux magnetic gear for an ocean generator application
      CMV reduction in a three-to-seven phase direct matrix converter using SVPWM
      Influence of asymmetrical stator axes on the electromagnetic field and driving characteristics of canned induction motor

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