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Volume 13, Issue 7, July 2019

Volume 13, Issue 7

July 2019

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    • Rotor position estimation method of wound-rotor synchronous starter/generator
      Thermal analysis of fault-tolerant electrical machines for aerospace actuators
      Low-cost SRM drive system with reduced current sensors and position sensors
      Decoupling start control method for aircraft wound-rotor synchronous starter-generator based on main field current estimation
      Analysis of armature inter-turn fault in the multiphase synchronous generator-rectifier system
      Drive circuit-based torque-ripple suppression method for single-phase BLDC fan motors to reduce acoustic noise
      Multiple coupled circuit modelling approach for squirrel cage induction machine under single-broken-bar fault with stator winding functions decomposed in dq rotor reference frame
      Transient and steady-state modelling of healthy and eccentric induction motors considering the main and third harmonic saturation factors
      Impacts of ferroresonance and inrush current forces on transformer windings
      Design and optimisation of transverse flux machine with passive rotor and flux-concentrating structure
      On the broken rotor bar diagnosis using time–frequency analysis: ‘Is one spectral representation enough for the characterisation of monitored signals?’
      Efficiency improvement of IPMSG in the electric power generating system of a range-extended electric vehicle
      Noise reduction of axial-flux motors by combining various pole-arc coefficients and circumferential shifting of permanent magnets: analytical approach
      Direct voltage control of stand-alone DFIG under asymmetric loads based on non-singular terminal sliding mode control and improved extended state observer
      Reduced-switch induction motor drive system with active power decoupling
      Adaptive soft starter for a three-phase induction-motor driving device using a multifunctional series compensator
      Performance comparison and optimisation of dual mover linear permanent magnet flux switching machine
      Eliminating starting hesitation for reliable operation of switched reluctance motor without machine parameters for light electric vehicle applications
      Determination of transformer HV winding axial displacement extent using hyperbolic method – a feasibility study
      Integrated electromagnetic braking/driving control of electric vehicles using fuzzy inference
      Comparison analysis of low-switching-frequency-based IPMSM sensorless drives considering regulators, observer and inverter non-linearity
      Integral and series solutions for inductance of rectangular coils with parallel end faces
      Analytical maximum torque per volt control strategy of an interior permanent magnet synchronous motor with very low battery voltage
      Modified switching scheme-based explicit torque control of brush-less direct current motor drive
      Modelling of reduced electromechanical interaction system for aircraft applications

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