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Volume 13, Issue 6, June 2019

Volume 13, Issue 6

June 2019

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    • New sensorless commutation method for BLDC motors based on the line-to-line flux linkage theory
      Comparative life cycle assessment of induction machines made with copper-cage or aluminium-cage rotors
      Optimal design of a compact passive magnetic bearing based on dynamic modelling
      Rotor position tolerant detection method for SRM drive system with misaligned position sensors
      Design improvement of dual-pole LSPM synchronous motor
      Development of a new approach to core quality assessment of modern electrical machines
      Outer rotor wound field flux switching machine for In-wheel direct drive application
      Extended second central moment approach to detect turn-to-turn faults in power transformers
      Time-domain computation of rotational iron losses considering the bulk conductivity for PMSMs
      Motor cable communication concept based on DSSS for inverter-fed electric drives
      Inductance calculations for coaxial iron-core coils shielded by cylindrical screens of high permeability
      Multiphysics analysis of printed circuit board winding for high-speed axial flux permanent magnet motor
      Tuning a model predictive controller for doubly fed induction generator employing a constrained genetic algorithm
      Coupling calculation and analysis of three-dimensional temperature and fluid field for high-power high-speed permanent magnet machine

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