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Volume 13, Issue 5, May 2019

Volume 13, Issue 5

May 2019

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    • Design and optimisation of a novel asymmetric rotor structure for a PM-assisted synchronous reluctance machine
      Experimental design of a new fast sensorless control of DFIG in complex domain
      Weight optimisation of coreless axial-flux permanent magnet machines
      Effects of static eccentricity on the no-load back electromotive force of external rotor permanent magnet brushless DC motor used as in-wheel motor
      Analysis of power factor in variable flux reluctance machines with MMF-permeance model
      Tubular unified magnetic-field flux-switching PMLM for free-piston energy converter
      Evaluation of Can eddy current losses and Can circulating current losses between the Can and end structures in double canned induction motors
      Sliding-mode observer based sensorless vector control of LFSPM motor for long-distance drive system
      Dual-stator consequent-pole Vernier PM motor with improved power factor
      Rolling bearing fault detection of electric motor using time domain and frequency domain features extraction and ANFIS
      Unipolar sinusoidal excited switched reluctance motor control based on voltage space vector
      Novel repulsive magnetic bearing flywheel system with composite adaptive control
      Analysis and design method of a combined radial–axial magnetic bearing based on asymmetric factor
      Comparative analysis of wave winding topologies and performance characteristics in ultra-thin printed circuit board axial-flux permanent magnet machine

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