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Volume 13, Issue 4, April 2019

Volume 13, Issue 4

April 2019

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    • Inhibition of iron loss of the inner yoke in electromagnetic linear actuator
      Dynamic analysis and current calculation of a permanent magnet spherical motor for point-to-point motion
      Design and multi-objective optimisation of switched reluctance machine with iron loss
      Design and implementation of a novel adaptive backstepping control scheme for a PMSM with unknown load torque
      Online sensorless position estimation for switched reluctance motors using characteristics of overlap position based on inductance profile
      VSP predictive torque control of PMSM
      Electromagnetic and thermal analysis and design of a novel-structured surface-mounted permanent magnet motor with high-power-density
      Induction cage machine thermal transients under lowered voltage quality
      Mathematical modelling, simulation and experimental validation of resistance heating and induction heating techniques for E-waste treatment
      Fault-tolerant control of DSBLDC motor drive under open-circuit faults
      Thermal analysis of power transformers under unbalanced supply voltage
      Analytical modelling of the linear switched reluctance motor with segmental translator
      Influence of static eccentricity on unbalanced magnetic force of external rotor permanent magnet brushless direct current motor used as In-wheel motor
      Design and experimental analysis of a wound brushless doubly Fed machine based on a rotor with the reluctance effect
      Insulation protection and online stress agent identification for electric machines using artificial intelligence
      Research on PMSM harmonic coupling models based on magnetic co-energy
      Method for acquisition of equivalent material parameters considering orthotropy of stator core and windings in SRM

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