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Volume 13, Issue 3, March 2019

Volume 13, Issue 3

March 2019

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    • Reducing cogging torque of 6/4 pole FSPM machine by optimising parameters of chamfering and flange rotor pole shape without skewing teeth
      Separation and comparison of average torque in five-phase IPM machines with distributed and fractional slot concentrated windings
      Simplified predictive torque control for permanent magnet synchronous motor with discrete duty cycle control
      Finite set model predictive control method for quasi-Z source inverter-permanent magnet synchronous motor drive system
      Axial flux switched reluctance machines: a comprehensive review of design and topologies
      Backstepping direct thrust force control for sensorless PMLSM drive
      RES and battery fed energy efficient single-phase induction motor drive system with retrofit solution
      Spectral analysis for diagnosis of bearing defects in induction machine drives
      Internal model control for the AMB high-speed flywheel rotor system based on modal separation and inverse system method
      Simultaneous suppression of torque ripple and flexible load vibration for PMSM under stator current vector orientation
      Rotor optimisation design and performance comparison of BDFG for wind power generation
      Design of a wind turbine generator for rural applications
      Approach for classifying direct PCs applied to AC motor drives
      Extended unified wrench model suitable for the end effect of the ironless permanent magnet planar motor
      Excitation–vibration harmonic response research of transformer in DC biasing operation

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