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Volume 13, Issue 2, February 2019

Volume 13, Issue 2

February 2019

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    • Permanent magnet vernier machine: a review
    • Position-sensorless adaptive positioning control system for IPMSMs
      Fully-integrated high-speed IM for improving high-power marine engines
      Design and analysis of a three-phase brushless flux switching generator for aircraft ground power units
      Dual-mode power drive for active magnetic bearings
      Generalised fault diagnostic method for power transistors in asymmetric half-bridge power converter of SRM drive
      Torque control in constant power region for IPMSM under six-step voltage operation
      Average power balance method for power failure compensation control of high-speed turbo molecular pump with AMB system
      Improving attitude detection performance for spherical motors using a MEMS inertial measurement sensor
      Optimisation design of real-time wireless power supply system overhead high-voltage power line
      Semi-interior permanent-magnet actuators for high-magnet-utilisation and low-cost applications
      Direct torque control of a permanent magnet synchronous machine for hybrid hydraulic excavator
      Influence of the V-type secondary on the air-gap magnetic field and performance of the linear induction motor
      Comparison of rotor electrical fault indices owing to inter-turn short circuit and unbalanced resistance in doubly-fed induction generator
      Homogenisation model for calculating multi-point grounding current of transformer core
      Modelling and performance analysis on a bearingless fixed-pole rotor induction motor
      Online maximum torque per power losses strategy for indirect rotor flux-oriented control-based induction motor drives
      Tuning the rotor time constant parameter of IM using the minimum order recursive linear least square estimator

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