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Volume 13, Issue 1, January 2019

Volume 13, Issue 1

January 2019

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    • Parameters determination and dynamic modelling of line-start permanent-magnet synchronous motor with a composite solid rotor
      Multi-objective optimisation of a permanent magnet flux-switching motor by combined parameter sensitivities analysis with non-linear varying-network magnetic circuit method
      An equivalent circuit of the single-sided linear induction motor considering the discontinuous secondary
      Second order sliding mode observer of linear induction motor
      Analysis of coupling between two sub-machines in co-axis dual-mechanical-port flux-switching PM machine for fuel-based extended range electric vehicles
      Cogging torque reduction by eccentric structure of teeth in external rotor permanent magnet synchronous motors
      Two-Stage optimization based finite state predictive torque control for 3L-NPC inverter Fed IM drives
      Optimal flux-weakening control of a new five-phase FT-IPM motor based on DTC and SVPWM for electric vehicle applications
      Split ratio optimisation of high-speed permanent magnet brushless machines considering mechanical constraints
      Analytical magnetic field prediction of flux switching machine with segmental rotor
      Research on an online diagnosis for rotating diode faults in three-phase brushless exciter with two coils
      Analytical modelling and experimental verification of E-type reluctance motors
      Inductance calculations for non-coaxial Bitter coils with rectangular cross-section using inverse Mellin transform

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