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Volume 13, Issue 12, December 2019

Volume 13, Issue 12

December 2019

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    • Asymmetric dual winding three-phase PMSM for fault tolerance of overheat in electric braking system of autonomous vehicle
      Analytical modelling of radial suspension force in bearingless surface-mounted PM synchronous motors considering static rotor eccentricity
      Sensorless control strategy for doubly salient electro-magnetic machine based on the line-to-line excitation flux linkage
      Influence of rotor cage resistance in torque ripple reduction for line start synchronous machines
      Improve the performance characteristics of the IPMSM under the effect of the varying loads
      Acoustic diagnostics of electrical origin fault modes with readily available consumer-grade sensors
      Data-driven online temperature compensation for robust field-oriented torque-controlled induction machines
      Comparative evaluation on switched reluctance motor drive with different phase current sensing methods
      Optimised PLC transmission over pulse-width modulated network
      Quad-bus motor drive system for electrified vehicles based on a dual-output–single-inductor structure
      Conception of an electric propulsion system for a 9 kW electric tractor suitable for family farming
      Broken rotor bar fault detection of the grid and inverter-fed induction motor by effective attenuation of the fundamental component
      Improved ZSVC-based fault detection technique for incipient stage inter-turn fault in PMSM
      Characteristic analysis and design of novel high-frequency shell-type coaxial transformer
      Optimisation design of a flux memory motor based on a new non-linear MC-DRN model
      Optimal current control for PMSM considering inverter output voltage limit: model predictive control and pulse-width modulation
      Electromagnetic performance analysis and thermal research of an outer-rotor I-shaped flux-switching permanent-magnet motor with considering driving cycles
      Design methodology to optimise induction machines based stand-alone electrical wind water pumping systems
      Position sensorless control for doubly salient electro-magnetic motor based on the terminal voltage
      Robust predictive current control for IPMSM without rotor flux information based on a discrete-time disturbance observer
      Use of a scaling power law to incorporate asymmetrical minor loops in the inverse Jiles–Atherton model
      Influence of a novel flux-absorbing structure on the performance of a surface-mounted permanent-magnet motor with overhang
      Redundant switching state based DTC for six-phase symmetrical induction motor driven by nine-switch inverter
      Online maximum torque per ampere control for induction motor drives considering iron loss using input–output feedback linearisation
      FRA modelling for diagnosing axial displacement of windings in traction transformers
      Novel fast and secure approach for reverse power protection in synchronous generators

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