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Volume 13, Issue 11, November 2019

Volume 13, Issue 11

November 2019

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    • Position sensorless direct torque control for six-phase permanent magnet synchronous motor under two-phase open circuit
      Performance improvement in six-phase symmetrical induction motor by using synthetic voltage vector based direct torque control
      Powertrain EV synchronous reluctance motor design with redundant topology with novel control
      Discrete sliding mode control based on exponential reaching law and time delay estimation for an asymmetrical six-phase induction machine drive
      Bi-subspace predictive current control of six-phase PMSM drives based on virtual vectors with optimal amplitude
      Predictive current control for seven-phase induction motor based on the optimal operating time of four-dimensional vector
      Nine-phase six-terminal pole-amplitude modulated induction motor for electric vehicle applications
      Dc-link voltage stability analysis technique for hybrid five-phase open-end winding drives
      Eccentricity detection of a six-phase induction motor with HFI
      Dual DC current injection-based stator winding temperature tracking for dual three-phase permanent magnet synchronous machine using Kalman filter
      Fault-tolerant FOC for five-phase SPMSM with non-sinusoidal back EMF
      Control strategies for non-sinusoidal multiphase PMSM drives in faulty modes under constraints on copper losses and peak phase voltage
      Simplified implementation of SVPWM techniques for a six-phase machine with reduced current distortion features
      Carrier frequency harmonic suppression in dual three-phase permanent magnet synchronous motor system
      Space vector PWM algorithm for a three-level asymmetrical six-phase motor drive
      Reducing root-mean-square current stress on the DC link capacitor of a five-phase electric drive through multiple carrier pulse-width modulation technique
      Electromagnetic-based maximum output power control in new two-layer BLDC generator using optimal control of turn-on and turn-off angles in variable speed applications
      Multi-phase VSI DC-link capacitor considerations
      Interplane cross-saturation in multiphase machines
      D, Q reference frames for the simulation of multiphase (six phase) wound rotor induction generator driven by a wind turbine for disperse generation
    • Stator flux-oriented vector control of dual stator induction generator with time optimised 11-zone hybrid PWM for grid connected wind energy generation system
      Investigation on the multi-DoF 3-D model and levitation behaviour of radial-type superconducting magnetic bearing
      Synchronous reluctance six-phase motor proved based EV powertrain as charger/discharger with redundant topology and ORS control
      Evaluation of an STSMO-based estimator for power control of rotor-tied DFIG systems
      Minimising torque ripple of SRM by applying DB-DTFC

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