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Volume 13, Issue 10, October 2019

Volume 13, Issue 10

October 2019

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    • Multiple sampling PSC-PWM with hierarchical control architecture for MMC-DSTATCOM
      High-power DC–DC converter utilising Scott transformer connection
      On lifetime evaluation of medium-voltage drives based on modular multilevel converter
      Experimental behaviour analysis for optimally controlled standalone DFIG system
      New MPC-5LUC with reduced PSD count for MVHP direct-drive WECS with PMSG: a cost-effective solution
      Boost multi-level NPC-fed VS large rated asynchronous pumped storage hydro-generating unit
      Development and implementation of control of stand-alone PMSG-based distributed energy system with variation in input and output parameters
      Grid-connected medium-voltage converters with parallel voltage-source active filters
      Structure and the space vector modulation for a medium-voltage power-electronic-transformer based on two seven-level cascade H-bridge inverters
      Multiport energy gateway
      Improved virtual synchronous generator with transient damping link and its seamless transfer control for cascaded H-bridge multilevel converter-based energy storage system
      Switched capacitors 9-level module (SC9LM) with reduced device count for multilevel DC to AC power conversion
    • Online sensorless fault diagnosis and remediation strategies selection of transistors for power converter in SRD
      Investigation of the unbalanced magnetic pull damping effect in squirrel cage induction machines
      Design of linear voice coil motor with semi-closed structure
      Design and analysis of a pulse capacitor charge power supply system based on novel brushless field assisted induction generator with flux control capability
      Magnetic properties and vibration characteristics of amorphous alloy strip and its combination
      Turn-to-turn short circuit of motor stator fault diagnosis in continuous state based on deep auto-encoder
      Novel semi-analytical method for mutual inductance calculation of the thin spiral disk coils
      Sound-quality diagnosis method of permanent magnet synchronous motor for electric vehicles based on critical band analysis

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