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IET Electric Power Applications

Volume 12, Issue 9, November 2018

Volume 12, Issue 9

November 2018

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    • Calculation of unbalanced magnetic pull in induction machines through empirical method
      Investigation of the working mechanism and characteristics of dual-mode doubly salient starter generator with variable winding
      Influence of switch angles on second-order current harmonic and resonance in switched reluctance motors
      Design and analysis of a new HTS modular flux-switching linear machine for rail transit
      Parameters identification of reduced governor system model for diesel-engine generator by using hybrid particle swarm optimisation
      Inter-turn short-circuit assessment of DC motor used in railway locomotive
      Model-based flux weakening strategy for synchronous machines without additional regulators
      Simplified calculation for the radial levitation force of radial-type superconducting magnetic bearing
      Optimum design of the stator parameters for noise and vibration reduction in BLDC motor
      Calculation of some electromagnetic quantities for circular thick coil of rectangular cross-section and pancake with inverse radial currents
      Comprehensive design and analysis of a PMaSynRM for washing machine applications
      Evaluation study on an integration method for a DDQP using LCC and series compensation topologies for inductive power transfer
      Adaptive fuzzy control method for a linear switched reluctance motor
      Wind turbine transformer improved design method entailing resonance blocking
      Magnetising fixture design for optimal magnetisation orientation of ring-type magnet in surface-mounted permanent magnet motor
      Design and control of high-capacity and low-speed doubly fed start-up permanent magnet synchronous motor
      Characteristics analysis of electromagnetic force and noise of claw pole alternators with different pole and slot combinations and phase number
      Combined ON/OFF and conformal mapping method for magnet shape optimisation of SPMSM
      Shielded axially slitted solid rotor design for high-speed solid rotor induction motors
      Energy-efficient sensorless load angle control of a BLDC motor using sinusoidal currents
      Multi-objective optimisation design of air-cored axial flux PM generator
      Circuit-based flux linkage measurement method with the automated resistance correction for SRM sensorless position control
      Influence of massive ferromagnetic shaft on the distribution of electromagnetic field and magnetising current for two- and four-pole induction motors at frequencies of 50 and 200 Hz

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