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IET Electric Power Applications

Volume 12, Issue 8, September 2018

Volume 12, Issue 8

September 2018

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    • Maximisation of power density in permanent magnet machines with the aid of optimisation algorithms
      Optimisation method to maximise torque density of high-speed slotless permanent magnet synchronous machine in aerospace applications
      Magnetic circuit designing and structural optimisation for a three degree-of-freedom hybrid magnetic bearing
      1 kW/60,000 min−1 bearingless PM motor with combined winding for torque and rotor suspension
      Design of HSIPMM based on multi-physics fields
      Rotordynamics modelling and analysis of high-speed permanent magnet electrical machine rotors
      Design methodology for high-speed synchronous reluctance machines
      Overview of magnetless brushless machines
      High-speed solid rotor induction motor design with improved efficiency and decreased harmonic effect
      Nine-phase IM for hybridisation of a compact vehicle by parallel TTR architecture
      Influence of rotor endcaps on the electromagnetic performance of high-speed PM machine
      Calculation of rotor losses in PM machines with retaining sleeves using transfer matrices
      Parameters and performance analysis of a dual stator composite rotor axial flux induction motor by an analytical method
    • Diagnosis of air-gap eccentricity and partial demagnetisation of an interior permanent magnet synchronous motor based on inverse transient complex inductance vector theory
      Dynamic demagnetisation investigation for less-rare-earth flux switching permanent magnet motors considering three-phase short-circuit fault
      Influence of sleeve thickness and various structures on eddy current losses of rotor parts and temperature field in surface mounted permanent-magnet synchronous motor
      Electromechanical interactions in a doubly fed induction generator drivetrain
      Rotor position estimation scheme with harmonic ripple attenuation for sensorless controlled permanent magnet synchronous motors
      Numerical investigation of the effects of magnetic field and fluid electrical conductivity on the performance of marine magnetohydrodynamic motors
      Sliding-mode observer-based speed-sensorless vector control of linear induction motor with a parallel secondary resistance online identification
      Accurate modelling and modal analysis of stator system in permanent magnet synchronous motor with concentrated winding for vibration prediction

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