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IET Electric Power Applications

Volume 12, Issue 4, April 2018

Volume 12, Issue 4

April 2018

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    • Maximum power extraction improvement using sensorless controller based on adaptive perturb and observe algorithm for PMSG wind turbine application
      Modified predictive torque and flux control for open end winding induction motor drive based on ranking method
      Integrated optimal active and reactive power control scheme for grid connected permanent magnet synchronous generator wind turbines
      Analysis and selection of harmonics sensitive to demagnetisation faults intended for condition monitoring of double rotor axial flux permanent magnet synchronous machines
      High power density multiple output permanent magnet alternator
      Modelling of supercapacitors based on SVM and PSO algorithms
      Fast predictive technique for reverse power detection in synchronous generator
      ARNISMC for MLS with global positioning tracking control
      Parabola-trapezoid and staircase current supply methods for PMBLM with full inverter utility and reduced torque ripple
      High-frequency modelling of permanent magnet synchronous motor with star connection
      Instantaneous harmonic decomposition technique for three-phase current based on multiple reference coordinates
      Design and development of fault classification algorithm based on relevance vector machine for power transformer
      Three-phase current injection method for mitigating turn-to-turn short-circuit fault in concentrated-winding permanent magnet aircraft starter generator
      Various skewing arrangements and relative position of dual rotor of an axial flux induction motor, modelling and performance evaluation
      Hybrid predictive control strategy for a low-cost converter-fed IM drive
      State of charge prediction of supercapacitors via combination of Kalman filtering and backpropagation neural network

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