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IET Electric Power Applications

Volume 12, Issue 3, March 2018

Volume 12, Issue 3

March 2018

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    • Magnetic equivalent circuit modelling of ring winding axial flux machine
      Combined commutation optimisation strategy for brushless DC motors with misaligned hall sensors
      Detailed analytical method for predicting the steady-state time variations and entire harmonic contents of principal performance characteristics in a non-slotted axial flux permanent magnet motor, considering a precise iron loss model
      Improvement of induction motor operation using a new winding scheme for reduction of the magnetomotive force distortion
      Proportional-type performance recovery current tracking control algorithm for PMSM
      Multiple features extraction and selection for detection and classification of stator winding faults
      Optimisation of HF signal injection parameters for EV applications based on sensorless IPMSM drives
      Scaling laws for electrodynamic suspension in high-speed transportation
      Analytical prediction of optimal split ratio of consequent-pole permanent magnet machines
      Mover design and characteristics analysis of 2DoFDDIM
      Space vector pulse width modulation control techniques for a five-phase quasi-impedance source inverter
      Improved current control scheme with online current distribution and DFA regulation for switched reluctance generator
      Direct self-control strategy for brushless DC motor with reduced torque ripple
      Scheme based on buck-converter with three-phase H-bridge combinations for high-speed BLDC motors in aerospace applications
      Improved rotor structures for increasing flux per pole of permanent magnet synchronous motor
      Unified wrench model of an ironless permanent magnet planar motor with 2D periodic magnetic field
      Synchronous reluctance machine geometry optimisation through a genetic algorithm based technique
      Wide regulated series hybrid excitation alternator
      Online diagnostic method of open-switch faults in PWM voltage source rectifier based on instantaneous AC current distortion

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