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IET Electric Power Applications

Volume 11, Issue 8, September 2017

Volume 11, Issue 8

September 2017

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    • Analysis of synchronous parasitic torque in dual skew cage rotor induction motors with equivalent slot number
      Optimisation-based procedure for characterising switched reluctance motors
      Model predictive direct torque control of permanent magnet synchronous motors with extended set of voltage space vectors
      Position sensorless startup for doubly salient electro-magnetic motor with only one test pulse
      3D computation of no-load magnetic flux density in slotless axial-flux permanent-magnet synchronous machines using conformal mapping
      Comparison between current-based and flux/torque-based model predictive control methods for open-end winding induction motor drives
      Comparison of winding configurations in double-stator switched reluctance machines
      Fault-tolerant electric drive and space-phasor modulation of flux-switching permanent magnet machine for aerospace application
      Influences on performance in 3D analysis of linear induction motors with different transverse m.m.f. models in winding end-regions
      Optimal blade pitch control for enhancing the dynamic performance of wind power plants via metaheuristic optimisers
      Control scheme for DFIG converter system based on DC-transmission
      Research on control strategies for doubly salient electromagnetic machine
      Analytical model for performance prediction of linear resolver
      Process capability control procedure for electrical machines by using a six-sigma process for achieving six-sigma quality level
      Fault diagnosis of rotor winding inter-turn short circuit for sensorless synchronous generator through screw
      Direct flux and current vector control for induction motor drives using model predictive control theory
      Analysis of the super high-speed permanent magnet generator under unbalanced load condition
      Digital predictive current control of multi-level four-leg voltage-source inverter under balanced and unbalanced load conditions

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