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IET Electric Power Applications

Volume 11, Issue 5, May 2017

Volume 11, Issue 5

May 2017

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    • Guest Editorial
      Performance evaluation of an improved model predictive control with field oriented control as a benchmark
      Unipolar PWM predictive current-mode control of a variable-speed low inductance BLDC motor drive
      Continuous-time model predictive control of a permanent magnet synchronous motor drive with disturbance decoupling
      Dynamics of the fractional-order chaotic PMSG, its stabilisation using predictive control and circuit validation
      Improved model-predictive-flux-control strategy for three-phase four-switch inverter-fed flux-reversal permanent magnet machine drives
      Model-free predictive current control for three-phase AC/DC converters
      Predictive current control of a new three-phase voltage source inverter with phase shift compensation
      Finite control set predictive torque control for induction motor drive with simplified weighting factor selection using TOPSIS method
      Finite-control-set model predictive control scheme of three-phase four-leg back-to-back converter-fed induction motor drive
      Preselection algorithm based on predictive control for direct matrix converter
      Low complexity predictive torque control strategies for a three-level inverter driven induction motor
      Model predictive control method for CHB multi-level inverter with reduced calculation complexity and fast dynamics
      Simplified model predictive direct torque control method without weighting factors for permanent magnet synchronous generator-based wind power system
      Computationally efficient multi-step direct predictive torque control for surface-mounted permanent magnet synchronous motor
      Model predictive PWM for AC motor drives
      Hybrid exploration state for the simplified finite control set-model predictive control with a deadbeat solution for reducing the current ripple in permanent magnet synchronous motor
      Finite control-set model predictive current control of five-phase permanent-magnet synchronous machine based on virtual voltage vectors
      Predictive control of permanent magnet synchronous motor with non-sinusoidal flux distribution for torque ripple minimisation using the recursive least square identification method
      Integrated model predictive control with reduced switching frequency for modular multilevel converters
      Analysis of the impact of online identification on model predictive current control applied to permanent magnet synchronous motors
      Adaptive finite-control-set model predictive current control for IPMSM drives with inductance variation
      Sensorless model-based PCC for induction machine
      Speed sensorless model predictive current control with ability to start a free running induction motor
      Predictive controller design for a high-frequency injection sensorless synchronous reluctance drive system
      Predictive control of multi-pump stations with variable-speed drives
      Model-predictive control based on Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy model for electrical vehicles delayed model
      Direct instantaneous torque and force control: a control approach for switched reluctance machines
      Online multi-parameter estimation of interior permanent magnet motor drives with finite control set model predictive control

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