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IET Electric Power Applications

Volume 1, Issue 5, September 2007

Volume 1, Issue 5

September 2007

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    • Fuel cell power conditioning for electric power applications: a summary
      Large low-speed hydro-generators – unbalanced magnetic pulls and additional damper losses in eccentricity conditions
      Principle, design and experimental validation of a flywheel-battery hybrid source for heavy-duty electric vehicles
      Optimal driving strategy for traction energy saving on DC suburban railways
      Quantification of ageing of ultracapacitors during cycling tests with current profile characteristics of hybrid and electric vehicles applications
      Load modelling for steady-state and transient analysis of low-voltage DC systems
      Analysis and implementation of a soft switching interleaved forward converter with current doubler rectifier
      Analysis and implementation of an active snubber dc/dc converter with series–parallel connection in primary and secondary sides
      Pulse width modulation technique with harmonic injection and frequency modulated carrier: formulation and application to an induction motor
      Mapping matrices against vectorial frame in the instantaneous reactive power compensation
      Measurement and analysis of hysteresis torque in a high-speed induction machine
      A single-stage AC/DC converter based on zero voltage switching LLC resonant topology
      Comparison of the performance of maximum power point tracking schemes applied to single-stage grid-connected photovoltaic systems
      High-efficiency single-stage bidirectional converter with multi-input power sources
      Analysis and design of a single-phase AC/DC step-down converter for universal input voltage
      Improvement in the field-weakening performance of switched reluctance machine with continuous mode
      Probabilistic neural-network-based protection of power transformer
      Novel zero voltage switching dual-switch forward converter with ripple current cancellation
      DC reactor type transformer inrush current limiter
      Adaptive controller design for a synchronous reluctance motor drive system with direct torque control
      Optimal design of rim motor for electric powered wheelchair
      Automatic induction machine parameters measurement using standstill frequency-domain tests
      Time-harmonic finite-element analysis of eddy currents in the form-wound stator winding of a cage induction motor
      Reducing energy losses when transformers are lightly loaded

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