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IET Electric Power Applications

Volume 1, Issue 1, January 2007

Volume 1, Issue 1

January 2007

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    • Influence on the stability of generator rotors due to radial and tangential magnetic pull force
      Influence of soil structures on corrosion performance of floating-DC transit systems
      Soft-switching DC–DC converter with parallel-connected full-wave rectifiers
      Modelling, simulation and measurement of fast transients in transformer windings with consideration of frequency-dependent losses
      Study of the variation of the input impedance of induction machines with frequency
      Development of optimised carrier sequence in MCU-based random-frequency PWM
      Electronic ballast for multiple fluorescent lamp systems
      Analytic calculation of axial-flux permanent-magnet motor torque
      Special family of PWM-based sliding-mode voltage controllers for basic DC–DC converters in discontinuous conduction mode
      Revision of the hysteresis and excess loss computation method as a means of improving the rotational loss estimate in induction motors
      Analysis and implementation of soft switching converter with series-connected transformers
      Three-phase soft-switched PWM inverter for motor drive application
      Internal faults in power transformers
      High-performance cascade-type repetitive controller for CVCF PWM inverter: analysis and design
      Nonlinear-controller design for an interior-permanent-magnet synchronous motor including field-weakening operation
      Practical sensorless control for inverter-fed BDCM compressors

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