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IET Computer Vision

Volume 9, Issue 3, June 2015

Volume 9, Issue 3

June 2015

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    • Kernel-based sliding mode control for visual servoing system
      Cascade of forests for face alignment
      Log-Euclidean bag of words for human action recognition
      Continuous camera placement using multiple objective optimisation process
      Calibration and object correspondence in camera networks with widely separated overlapping views
      Adaptive learning region importance for region-based image retrieval
      Calibration of multiple fish-eye cameras using a wand
      Face recognition under varying illumination based on adaptive homomorphic eight local directional patterns
      Active learning combining uncertainty and diversity for multi-class image classification
      Using statistical characteristics of gradient phases for robust face recognition under illumination variations
      Recognition improvement through the optimisation of learning instances
      Particle filter framework for salient object detection in videos
      Spatial codification of label predictions in multi-scale stacked sequential learning: a case study on multi-class medical volume segmentation

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