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IET Computer Vision

Volume 9, Issue 1, February 2015

Volume 9, Issue 1

February 2015

Image clustering using exponential discriminant analysis
Effective background modelling and subtraction approach for moving object detection
Learning multi-planar scene models in multi-camera videos
Bi-level thresholding for binarisation of handwritten and printed documents
Probabilistic principal component analysis for texture modelling of adaptive active appearance models and its application for head pose estimation
Tracking with spatial constrained coding
Nose tip detection on three-dimensional faces using pose-invariant differential surface features
Salient region detection: an integration approach based on image pyramid and region property
Face tracking based on differential harmony search
Multi-scale mean shift tracking
Online visual tracking by integrating spatio-temporal cues
Scene text recognition by learning co-occurrence of strokes based on spatiality embedded dictionary
Cooperative object tracking using dual-pan–tilt–zoom cameras based on planar ground assumption

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