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IET Computer Vision

Volume 7, Issue 5, October 2013

Volume 7, Issue 5

October 2013

Single colour one-shot scan using modified Penrose tiling pattern
Fusion of dense spatial features and sparse temporal features for three-dimensional structure estimation in urban scenes
Online stroke segmentation by quick penalty-based dynamic programming
Multiple instance learning tracking method with local sparse representation
Real-time depth enhancement by fusion for RGB-D cameras
Non-negative matrix factorisation based on fuzzy K nearest neighbour graph and its applications
A density-based enhancement to dominant sets clustering
Using vanishing points to estimate parameters of fisheye camera
Soft computing applied to the build of textile defects inspection system
Robust and accurate online pose estimation algorithm via efficient three-dimensional collinearity model
Traffic flow estimation and vehicle-type classification using vision-based spatial–temporal profile analysis
Background suppression of small target image based on fast local reverse entropy operator

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