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Volume 13, Issue 5, August 2019

Volume 13, Issue 5

August 2019

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    • New local difference binary image descriptor and algorithm for rapid and precise vehicle visual localisation
      Adaptive convolutional neural network for large change in video object segmentation
      Robust and computationally efficient online image stabilisation framework based on adaptive dual motion vector integration
      Online video object segmentation via LRS representation
      3D Layout encoding network for spatial-aware 3D saliency modelling
      Efficient and robust segmentation and tracking of sperm cells in microscopic image sequences
      Object detection for panoramic images based on MS-RPN structure in traffic road scenes
      Curve description by histograms of tangent directions
      Fully convolutional multi-scale dense networks for monocular depth estimation
      Detection of severity level of diabetic retinopathy using Bag of features model

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