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Volume 13, Issue 3, April 2019

Volume 13, Issue 3

April 2019

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    • Heteroscedastic watermark detector in the contourlet domain
      Dempster–Shafer evidence theory-based multi-feature learning and fusion method for non-rigid 3D model retrieval
      Articulated deformable structure approach to human motion segmentation and shape recovery from an image sequence
      Adaptive dual fractional-order variational optical flow model for motion estimation
      Fully-connected semantic segmentation of hyperspectral and LiDAR data
      Multi-task learning for captioning images with novel words
      Salient object detection via reliable boundary seeds and saliency refinement
      Online multiple object tracking using confidence score-based appearance model learning and hierarchical data association
      Learning to recognise 3D human action from a new skeleton-based representation using deep convolutional neural networks
      Spontaneous facial expression database for academic emotion inference in online learning
      Multi-stream 3D CNN structure for human action recognition trained by limited data
      Adaptive convolutional layer selection based on historical retrospect for visual tracking

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