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Volume 13, Issue 2, March 2019

Volume 13, Issue 2

March 2019

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    • Robust multi-view representation for spatial–spectral domain in application of hyperspectral image classification
      Dictionary-induced least squares framework for multi-view dimensionality reduction with multi-manifold embeddings
      Multi-view learning for benign epilepsy with centrotemporal spikes
      Zero-shot multi-label learning via label factorisation
      Joint optimisation convex-negative matrix factorisation for multi-modal image collection summarisation based on images and tags
      End-to-end visual grounding via region proposal networks and bilinear pooling
      Correlation-guided multi-object tracking with correlation feature transfer
      Dual-scale weighted structural local sparse appearance model for object tracking
      Object detection and tracking under Complex environment using deep learning-based LPM
      Real-time face recognition based on pre-identification and multi-scale classification
      Virtual samples and sparse representation-based classification algorithm for face recognition
      Co-occurrence matching of local binary patterns for improving visual adaption and its application to smoke recognition
      Regularised transfer learning for hyperspectral image classification
      On combining active and transfer learning for medical data classification
      ILGNet: inception modules with connected local and global features for efficient image aesthetic quality classification using domain adaptation
      Approach to 3D face reconstruction through local deep feature alignment
      Restoration algorithm for noisy complex illumination
      Maximum simplex volume: an efficient unsupervised band selection method for hyperspectral image
      Image fusion method based on simultaneous sparse representation with non-subsampled contourlet transform

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