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IET Computer Vision

Volume 12, Issue 5, August 2018

Volume 12, Issue 5

August 2018

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    • Colour image retrieval based on the hypergraph combined with a weighted adjacent structure
      DCA-based unimodal feature-level fusion of orthogonal moments for Indian sign language dataset
      Deep probabilistic human pose estimation
      Dynamic ROI extraction method for hand vein images
      Real-time segmentation of various insulators using generative adversarial networks
      Angled local directional pattern for texture analysis with an application to facial expression recognition
      Automatic lung segmentation based on Graph Cut using a distance-constrained energy
      Multi-bit quantisation for similarity-preserving hashing
      Automatic adaptation of SIFT for robust facial recognition in uncontrolled lighting conditions
      Tracking objects with co-occurrence matrix and particle filter in infrared video sequences
      Robust video tracking algorithm: a multi-feature fusion approach
      Precise depth map upsampling and enhancement based on edge-preserving fusion filters
      Dimensionality reduction by LPP-L21
      Data-driven recovery of hand depth using CRRF on stereo images
      Animal classification using facial images with score-level fusion
      Detecting heel strikes for gait analysis through acceleration flow
      Accuracy assessment of single viewing techniques for metric measurements on single images
      High-level feature aggregation for fine-grained architectural floor plan retrieval
      Multi-dimensional long short-term memory networks for artificial Arabic text recognition in news video
      Single-camera pose estimation using mirage
      Visual multiple-object tracking for unknown clutter rate
      Action recognition based on motion of oriented magnitude patterns and feature selection
      Hand geometry based user identification using minimal edge connected hand image graph
      Image super-resolution via adaptive sparse representation and self-learning

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