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IET Computer Vision

Volume 11, Issue 8, December 2017

Volume 11, Issue 8

December 2017

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    • Guest Editorial: Deep Learning in Computer Vision
      Survey on deep learning methods in human action recognition
      Segmentation and semantic labelling of RGBD data with convolutional neural networks and surface fitting
      Deep convolutional neural networks for automatic segmentation of left ventricle cavity from cardiac magnetic resonance images
      Automatic age estimation from facial profile view
      Computer-aided mammogram diagnosis system using deep learning convolutional fully complex-valued relaxation neural network classifier
    • Within-component and between-component multi-kernel discriminating correlation analysis for colour face recognition
      Discriminative feature learning-based pixel difference representation for facial expression recognition
      High-order Markov random field for single depth image super-resolution
      STBD: a simple tri-bit binary descriptor for point matching
      Adaptive image segmentation algorithm under the constraint of edge posterior probability
      Salient object detection based on global multi-scale superpixel contrast
      Hierarchical non-parametric Markov random field for image segmentation
      Analysis of reduced-set construction using image reconstruction from a HOG feature vector
      SVCV: segmentation volume combined with cost volume for stereo matching
      Fully convolutional networks for action recognition

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