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IET Computer Vision

Volume 11, Issue 6, September 2017

Volume 11, Issue 6

September 2017

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    • Robust saliency detection via corner information and an energy function
      Saliency detection using adaptive background template
      Data-driven image captioning via salient region discovery
      Real-time embedded implementation of robust speed-limit sign recognition using a novel centroid-to-contour description method
      Gender recognition based on face image using reinforced local binary patterns
      Mixing body-parts model for 2D human pose estimation in stereo videos
      Automatic measurement of anthropometric dimensions using frontal and lateral silhouettes
      Multicamera rig calibration by double-sided thick checkerboard
      Large margin relative distance learning for person re-identification
      Background modelling using discriminative motion representation
      Sample reconstruction with deep autoencoder for one sample per person face recognition
      Saliency detection using suitable variant of local and global consistency
      On the improvement of foreground–background model-based object tracker
      Convolutional recurrent neural networks with hidden Markov model bootstrap for scene text recognition

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