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IET Computer Vision

Volume 11, Issue 1, February 2017

Volume 11, Issue 1

February 2017

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    • Extended social force model-based mean shift for pedestrian tracking under obstacle avoidance
      Adaptive segmentation for multi-view stereo
      Analysis of 2D singularities for mammographic mass classification
      Real-time transmission tower detection from video based on a feature descriptor
      SDP-based approach to monocular reconstruction of inextensible surfaces
      GA-based camera calibration for vision-assisted robotic assembly system
      Locality constrained dictionary learning for non-linear dimensionality reduction and classification
      K-means based multiple objects tracking with long-term occlusion handling
      Facial aging simulation via tensor completion and metric learning
      Online multi-person tracking with two-stage data association and online appearance model learning
      Robust algorithm for multiview registration
      Generating image descriptions with multidirectional 2D long short-term memory

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