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IET Computer Vision

Volume 10, Issue 7, October 2016

Volume 10, Issue 7

October 2016

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    • Voronoi tessellation-based regionalised segmentation for colour texture image
      Multi-directional saliency metric learning for person re-identification
      Efficient rotation-invariant histogram of oriented gradient descriptors for car detection in satellite images
      Robust region-wise colour correction method for stereo matching
      Fusing the facial temporal information in videos for face recognition
      Fast and accurate algorithm for eye localisation for gaze tracking in low-resolution images
      Adaboost modular tensor locality preservative projection: face detection in video using Adaboost modular-based tensor locality preservative projections
      Asymmetric occlusion detection using linear regression and weight-based filling for stereo disparity map estimation
      Enhanced high dynamic-range image rendering using a surround map based on edge-adaptive layer blurring
      GTCLC: leaf classification method using multiple descriptors
      Motion-blurred SIFT invariants based on sampling in image deformation space and univariate search
      Feature matching using guidance-constraint method
      Comparisons of local methods for face alignment
      Objectness ranking by uniform Bayesian model with multimodal and global cues
      Direction sensitive wavelet packet for despeckling of ultrasound images
      Multi-view human action recognition using 2D motion templates based on MHIs and their HOG description

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