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IET Computer Vision

Volume 10, Issue 5, August 2016

Volume 10, Issue 5

August 2016

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    • l 2-norm-based prior for haze-removal from single image
      Proposed face recognition system after plastic surgery
      Optimisation of automatic face annotation system used within a collaborative framework for online social networks
      Feature detection and matching on atmospheric nuclear detonation video
      Pedestrian re-identification via coarse-to-fine ranking
      Density aware anomaly detection in crowded scenes
      Efficient methods using slanted support windows for slanted surfaces
      Dimensionality reduction of Fisher vectors for human action recognition
      Precise vehicle speed measurement for law enforcement applications based on calibrated camera with parallel standard patterns
      Multi agent parking lots modelling for anomalies detection while parking
      Estimation of fisheye camera external parameter based on second-order cone programming
      Parameter-adaptive nighttime image enhancement with multi-scale decomposition
      Classification via ensembles of basic thresholding classifiers
      Minimising disparity in distribution for unsupervised domain adaptation by preserving the local spatial arrangement of data
      Vision-based trajectory tracking for mobile robots using Mirage pose estimation method
      Straight line matching method based on line pairs and feature points

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