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Volume 10, Issue 1, February 2016

Volume 10, Issue 1

February 2016

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    • Assessment of noise reduction in ultrasound images of common carotid and brachial arteries
      Brain tumour classification using two-tier classifier with adaptive segmentation technique
      Identity recognition based on generalised linear regression classification for multi-component images
      Data driven visual tracking via representation learning and online multi-class LPBoost learning
      Compact descriptor for local feature using dominating centre-symmetric local binary pattern
      Affine-scale invariant feature transform and two-dimensional principal component analysis: a novel framework for affine and scale invariant face recognition
      Multi-group–multi-class domain adaptation for event recognition
      Efficient image features selection and weighting for fundamental matrix estimation
      Cardiac image segmentation by random walks with dynamic shape constraint
      Strategy of active learning support vector machine for image retrieval
      Content-based image retrieval system via sparse representation

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