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Call for papers for upcoming Special Issues

Membership-Function-Dependent Analysis and Design for Fuzzy-Model-Based Control Systems and their Applications - Click here to download more information

Specific topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Stability/performance/robustness analysis
  • Design of fuzzy controller T-S fuzzy-model-based control systems
  • Fuzzy-model-based control methodology such as adaptive control, dynamic feedback control, output feedback control, optimal control, robust control, sliding mode control, switching control, etc.
  • Polynomial fuzzy-model-based control systems
  • Fuzzy-model-based control systems with mismatched premise such as event-triggered control system, hybrid control systems, networked-control systems, observer-based control systems, sampled-data systems, time-delay control systems, etc.
  • Industrial applications of fuzzy-model-based control systems

Please submit your paper as a regular research article and include the name of the Special Issue as 'Membership-Function-Dependent Analysis' when prompted on the submission.

Emerging Trends in LPV-based Control of Intelligent Automotive Systems - Click here to download more information

Specific topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Vehicle modeling and parameter Identification
  • LPV models of IASs
  • Gain-scheduling controller design of IASs
  • Un-measureable scheduling variables
  • Precision of scheduling variables
  • Sensor placement and reduction
  • Human-machine interaction for intelligent vehicles
  • LPV-based control of intelligent automotive suspension systems
  • LPV-based control of interconnected vehicles
  • LPV-based control of autonomous vehicles
  • LPV-based control of powertrain systems
  • LPV-based control of vehicle emissions

Previously published Special Issues


Distributed Optimisation and Learning for Networked Systems

Vol. 13, Issue 17

Recent Advances in Control and Verification for Hybrid Systems

Vol. 13, Issue 9

Theory of Positive Systems and Applications

Vol. 13, Issue 7


Recent Developments in Logical Networks and its Applications

Vol. 11, Issue 13

Resource-efficient Control in Cyber-Physical Systems

Vol. 11, Issue 11

Recent Developments on Sliding Mode Control and Its Applications for Complex Systems

Vol. 11, Issue 8


Data-driven Control, and Data-Based System Modelling, Monitoring, and Control

Vol. 10, Issue 12


Data-Based Control and Process Monitoring with Industrial Applications

Vol. 9, Issue 7

Sliding Mode Based Disturbance Estimation, Attenuation and Fault Detection

Vol. 9, Issue 4

Co-operative Multi-agent Systems with Engineering Applications

Vol. 9, Issue 3


Recent Developments in Networked Control and Estimation

Vol. 8, Issue 18

Fault Detection, Isolation, and Tolerant Control of Vehicles Using Soft Computing Methods

Vol. 8, Issue 9


Special Section: Implementation of feedback controllers

Vol. 6, Issue 8

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