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Volume 9, Issue 7, 23 April 2015

Volume 9, Issue 7

23 April 2015

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    • Editorial
      Data-based two-degree-of-freedom iterative control approach to constrained non-linear systems
      Data-driven design of two-degree-of-freedom controllers using reinforcement learning techniques
      Data-driven predictive direct load control of refrigeration systems
      Data and event-driven control of a class of networked non-linear control systems
      Fatigue damage estimation and data-based control for wind turbines
      Applications and data of generalised dynamic wake theory of the flow in a rotor wake
      Adaptive neural data-based compensation control of non-linear systems with dynamic uncertainties and input saturation
      Medium-frequency disturbance attenuation for the spacecraft via virtual-gimbal tilting of the magnetically suspended reaction wheel
      Data-driven terminal iterative learning control with high-order learning law for a class of non-linear discrete-time multiple-input–multiple output systems
      Gaussian mixture regression and local linear network model for data-driven estimation of air mass
      Fault detection and identification of non-linear hybrid system using self-switched sigma point filter bank
      Robust global identification of linear parameter varying systems with generalised expectation–maximisation algorithm
      Data-driven identification approach for thruster misalignment angles of rigid satellite
      Data-driven super-twisting observer design for systems of dimension more than one
      Comparison of the existing tool localisation methods on two-dimensional ultrasound images and their tracking results
      Quality-relevant fault monitoring based on efficient projection to latent structures with application to hot strip mill process
      Fault diagnosis based on parameter estimation in closed-loop systems
      Data-based predictive control for networked non-linear systems with two-channel packet dropouts
      Controller dynamic linearisation-based model-free adaptive control framework for a class of non-linear system
      Data-driven fault-tolerant control design for wind turbines with robust residual generator

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