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Volume 9, Issue 5, 19 March 2015

Volume 9, Issue 5

19 March 2015

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    • Robust model predictive control of constrained non-linear systems: adopting the non-squared integrand objective function
      Global adaptive stabilisation of high-order uncertain non-linear systems with double control input channels
      Event-triggered consensus control for second-order multi-agent systems
      Non-linear Mittag–Leffler stabilisation of commensurate fractional-order non-linear systems
      Normal positive electrical circuits
      Computing the L -induced norm of linear time-invariant systems via Kernel approximation and its comparison with input approximation
      Adaptive compensation for actuator failure in a class of non-linear time-delay systems
      On τ-decomposition frequency-sweeping strategy to rational-order fractional systems with commensurate delays
      Unknown input based observer synthesis for uncertain Takagi–Sugeno fuzzy systems
      Exact tracking control of uncertain non-linear systems with additive disturbance
      Practical and robust control for precision motion: AR-CM NCTF control of a linear motion mechanism with friction characteristics
      Event-based synchronisation of linear discrete-time dynamical networks
      Semi-global consensus of multi-agent systems with intermittent communications and low-gain feedback

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