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Volume 9, Issue 2, 19 January 2015

Volume 9, Issue 2

19 January 2015

Development of a distributed consensus algorithm for multiple Euler–Lagrange systems
Behaviour-based control approach for the trajectory tracking of an underactuated planar capsule robot
Distributed average consensus based on structural weight-balanceability
Consensus of complex network systems and ergodicity of Markov chains
Posture regulation for unicycle-like robots with prescribed performance guarantees
Low-frequency robust control for singularly perturbed system
Model-based temperature control of a selective catalytic reduction system
Non-fragile H control with randomly occurring gain variations, distributed delays and channel fadings
Design of robust sliding-mode output-feedback control with suboptimal guaranteed cost
Trust-region reflective adaptive controller for time varying systems
Real-time constrained current control of permanent magnet synchronous machines for automotive applications
Non-linear adaptive control for electromagnetic actuators
Robust coordinated control for hybrid electric bus with single-shaft parallel hybrid powertrain
Global output-feedback stabilisation of switched stochastic non-linear time-delay systems under arbitrary switchings
Delay-independent fault detection and accommodation for non-linear strict-feedback systems with unknown time-varying delays
Stability and L 2-gain performance for non-linear switched impulsive systems

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