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IET Control Theory & Applications

Volume 9, Issue 16, 29 October 2015

Volume 9, Issue 16

29 October 2015

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    • Decentralised fault-tolerant finite-time control for a class of interconnected non-linear systems
      Stochastic finite-time consensualisation for Markov jump networks with disturbance
      Regional observer synthesis for locally Lipschitz non-linear systems
      Exact method for the stability analysis of time delayed linear-time invariant fractional-order systems
      Mixed sliding mode fuzzy control for discrete-time non-linear stochastic systems subject to variance and passivity constraints
      Smooth switching linear parameter-varying control for hypersonic vehicles via a parameter set automatic partition method
      Modelling and vibration control for a flexible string system in three-dimensional space
      High-gain observer-based output feedback control of single-rod electro-hydraulic actuator
      Method for computing state transformations of time-delay systems
      Distributed adaptive consensus control of heterogeneous multi-agent chaotic systems with unknown time delays
      Equivalence of non-linear model structures based on Pareto uncertainty
      Cooperative optimisation with inseparable cost functions
      Non-linear predictive generalised minimum variance state-dependent control
      Robust H 2/H control for periodic stochastic difference systems with mutiplicative noise
      Optimal sensor scheduling for state estimation over lossy channel
    • Containment control of linear multi-agent systems with directed graphs and multiple leaders of time-varying bounded inputs
      Stability analysis for neutral stochastic linear system
      Robust H control for time-delay networked control systems with probability constraints

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