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IET Control Theory & Applications

Volume 9, Issue 15, 08 October 2015

Volume 9, Issue 15

08 October 2015

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    • Optimal quantisation for random parameter estimation
      Quality-by-design by skewed spherical structured singular value
      State-input constrained asymptotic null-controllability by a set-valued approach
      Coordination control design for formation reconfiguration of multiple spacecraft
      Heterogeneous state estimation in dynamic networked systems
      Synchronisation analysis of Boolean networks based on equivalence
      Fault detection based on higher-order sliding mode observer for a class of switched linear systems
      Frequency selective learning model reference adaptive control
      Optimal proportional–integral–derivative set-point weighting and tuning rules for proportional set-point weights
      Adaptive integral sliding mode control with bounded 2 gain performance of uncertain quantised control systems
      Identification of multi-input systems using simultaneous perturbation by pseudorandom input signals
    • Cooperative output regulation for a class of non-linear multi-agent systems
      Observer design for a class of non-linear systems with linearisable error dynamics
      Iterative learning control design method for linear discrete-time uncertain systems with iteratively periodic factors
      Backstepping dynamic surface control for a class of non-linear systems with time-varying output constraints
      Absolute stability analysis of non-linear active disturbance rejection control for single-input–single-output systems via the circle criterion method

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