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IET Control Theory & Applications

Volume 9, Issue 14, 17 September 2015

Volume 9, Issue 14

17 September 2015

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    • H control for a class of multi-agent systems via a stochastic sampled-data method
      Event-triggered feedback for power allocation in wireless networks
      Receding horizon particle swarm optimisation-based formation control with collision avoidance for non-holonomic mobile robots
      Data-driven consensus control for networked agents: an iterative learning control-motivated approach
      Output-feedback proportional–integral– derivative-type control with simple tuning for the global regulation of robot manipulators with input constraints
      Improved results on generalised robust H filtering for Lipschitz descriptor non-linear systems with uncertainties
      Adaptive neuro-fuzzy sliding mode control guidance law with impact angle constraint
    • Observer-based adaptive consensus tracking for linear multi-agent systems with input saturation
      Further results on stability and stabilisation of switched positive systems
      Multi-input and multi-output proportional-integral-derivative controller design via linear quadratic regulator-linear matrix inequality approach
      Functional observer for switched discrete-time singular systems with time delays and unknown inputs
      Adaptive practical synchronisation of Lagrangian networks with a directed graph via pinning control
      Leader-follower fixed-time consensus for multi-agent systems with unknown non-linear inherent dynamics
      Robust finite-time stability and stabilisation for switched linear parameter-varying systems and its application to bank-to-turn missiles
      Improved mixed-delay-dependent asymptotic stability criteria for neutral systems
      Refined Jensen-based inequality approach to stability analysis of time-delay systems

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