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IET Control Theory & Applications

Volume 9, Issue 13, 27 August 2015

Volume 9, Issue 13

27 August 2015

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    • Optimal control for rail vehicle pantograph systems with actuator delays
      Neural-network-based adaptive leader-following consensus control for second-order non-linear multi-agent systems
      Identification and control for Hammerstein systems with hysteresis non-linearity
      Event-triggered distributed ℋ state estimation with packet dropouts through sensor networks
      Adaptive position feedback consensus of networked robotic manipulators with uncertain parameters and communication delays
      Event-triggered consensus of Markovian jumping multi-agent systems via stochastic sampling
      Event-based state estimation for stochastic hybrid systems
      Integral-based event-triggered control scheme for a general class of non-linear systems
      Vehicle density estimation of freeway traffic with unknown boundary demand–supply: an interacting multiple model approach
      Wide-area power system stabiliser based on model-free adaptive control
      Stabilisation control for planar bilinear systems by using switching law to minimise return ratio
      Robust finite-time bounded control for discrete-time stochastic systems with communication constraint
      Potential feedback control for the power control in wireless sensor networks
      Identification of two-input two-output process using state-space analysis
      Robust stabilisation of uncertain time-delay dynamical systems with unknown bounds of uncertainties: a non-linear control method
      H filtering for a class of singular biological systems

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