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IET Control Theory & Applications

Volume 9, Issue 1, 02 January 2015

Volume 9, Issue 1

02 January 2015

Connection-graph-based event-triggered output consensus in multi-agent systems with time-varying couplings
Distributed aperiodic model predictive control for multi-agent systems
Identification of partially known non-linear stochastic spatio-temporal dynamical systems by using a novel partially linear Kernel method
Adaptive control for cooperative linear output regulation of heterogeneous multi-agent systems with periodic switching topology
Cooperative source localisation of multi-agent system based on a cooperative PE condition
Robust adaptive attitude synchronisation of rigid body networks on SO(3)
Consensus of multi-agent systems via delayed and intermittent communications
Matrix GPBiCG algorithms for solving the general coupled matrix equations
Distributed H filtering over sensor networks with heterogeneous Markovian coupling intercommunication delays
Suppressing stick-slip oscillations in underactuated multibody drill-strings with parametric uncertainties using sliding-mode control
Robust adaptive control of non-linear time-delay systems with saturation constraints
Interval stability of time-varying two-dimensional hierarchical discrete-time multi-agent systems
Synthesis of low-coefficient sensitivity controllers with respect to multiplicative controller coefficient variations
Robust synchronisation of networked Lagrangian systems and its applications to multi-robot teleoperation
Global stabilisation of a class of feedforward systems with distributed delays
Global bounded consensus in heterogeneous multi-agent systems with directed communication graph

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