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IET Control Theory & Applications

Volume 8, Issue 8, 15 May 2014

Volume 8, Issue 8

15 May 2014

Integrated fault-tolerant control methodology for non-linear dynamical networked control systems subject to time-varying delay
Synchronised tracking control for multiple strict-feedback non-linear systems under switching network
New approach to derivative calculation of multi-valued logical functions with application to fault detection of digital circuits
Robust and decentralised output regulation of switched non-linear systems with switched internal model
Fault-tolerant output synchronisation control of multi-vehicle systems
Robust transcale decentralised estimation fusion for multisensor systems based on wavelet packet decomposition
How BIBO stability of LTI fractional-order time delayed systems relates to their approximated integer-order counterparts
New mixed-delay-dependent robust stability conditions for uncertain linear neutral systems
Linear matrix inequalities-based membership-function-dependent stability analysis for non-parallel distributed compensation fuzzy-model-based control systems
Non-fragile state-feedback control of uncertain piecewise-affine slab systems with input constraints: a convex optimisation approach
On overshoot and integrators
Finite-time stability of quantum systems with impulses
Convergence of switched linear systems with time-delay in detection of switching law

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