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IET Control Theory & Applications

Volume 8, Issue 18, 11 December 2014

Volume 8, Issue 18

11 December 2014

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    • Recent Developments in Networked Control and Estimation
      Trust-based self-organising network control
      Pinning observability in complex networks
      Distributed consensus protocol design for general linear multi-agent systems: a consensus region approach
      Time-varying formation control for high-order linear swarm systems with switching interaction topologies
      Adaptive control for attitude synchronisation of spacecraft formation via extended state observer
      Finite-time distributed cooperative attitude control for multiple spacecraft with actuator saturation
      Distributed adaptive image-based consensus of networked robotic manipulators without visual velocity measurements
      Non-fragile mixed ℋ/l 2 − l synchronisation control for complex networks with Markov jumping-switching topology under unreliable communication links
      Topology optimisation-based distributed estimation in relay assisted wireless sensor networks
      Semi-global containment control of multi-agent systems with input saturation
      Consensus tracking of linear multi-agent systems under a networked detectability condition with reduced-order protocols
      Consensus of nonlinear multi-agent systems with adaptive protocols
      Stochastic adaptive event-triggered control and network scheduling protocol co-design for distributed networked systems
      Self-triggered control for multi-agent systems with unknown non-linear inherent dynamics
      Consensus of multi-agent systems with linear dynamics using event-triggered control
      Networked predictive control for systems with unknown or partially known delay
      Stabilisation of networked delta operator systems with uncertainty
      Optimal control over a lossy communication network based on linear predictive compensation
      Recursive source localisation by time difference of arrival sensor networks with sensor position uncertainty
      Fast filtering algorithm for state estimation of lossy networks
      Autonomous coordinated control of a platoon of vehicles with multiple disturbances
      Distributed adaptive coordinated tracking for coupled non-holonomic mobile robots

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