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IET Control Theory & Applications

Volume 8, Issue 17, 20 November 2014

Volume 8, Issue 17

20 November 2014

Stability of sampled-data, delayed haptic interaction under passive or active operator
Sampled-data MPC for LPV systems with input saturation
Lyapunov-based robust control design for a class of switching non-linear systems subject to input saturation: application to engine control
Fault tolerant longitudinal aircraft control using non-linear integral sliding mode
Consensus tracking control of multi-agent systems with an active virtual leader: time delay case
Inverse error analysis and adaptive output feedback control of uncertain systems preceded with hysteresis actuators
Optimal motion planning for overhead cranes
Robust distributed model predictive control for uncertain networked control systems
Non-linear disturbance observer-based back-stepping control for airbreathing hypersonic vehicles with mismatched disturbances
Mixed H 2/H control of time-varying stochastic discrete-time systems under uniform detectability
Compensation of hysteresis in a shape memory alloy wire system using linear parameter-varying gain scheduling control
Wheeled human transportation vehicle implementation using output recurrent fuzzy control strategy
Coefficient ratios-based robust sliding surface and integral sliding mode control designs with optimal transient responses
Stationary and dynamic consensus of second-order multi-agent systems with Markov jumping input delays
Reaching law-based sliding mode congestion control for communication networks
Comparison of several data-driven non-linear system identification methods on a simplified glucoregulatory system example
Pinning consensus for multi-agent systems with non-linear dynamics and time-varying delay under directed switching topology
Reduced-order implementation of disturbance observers for robust tracking of non-linear systems
Tuning of reset proportional integral compensators with a variable reset ratio and reset band
Dominant pole analysis of stable time-delay positive systems
Finite-time analysis and design for discrete-time switching dynamics Markovian jump linear systems with time-varying delay
Robust model predictive control of uncertain fractional systems: a thermal application
Digital design of adaptive repetitive control of linear systems with time-varying periodic disturbances
Asynchronously compensated consensus algorithm for discrete-time second-order multi-agent systems under communication delay
Optimal dynamic inversion-based boundary control design for two-dimensional heat equations
Second-order consensus of multi-agent systems with noise
Containment control for multi-agent systems via impulsive algorithms without velocity measurements
Dissipativity-based integral sliding-mode control for a class of Takagi–Sugeno fuzzy singular systems with time-varying delay
Position centroid rendezvous and centroid formation of multiple unicycle agents
Fast and low-frequency adaptation in neural network control
Approximation-based adaptive control of uncertain non-linear pure-feedback systems with full state constraints
Switching design of stabilising switched neutral systems with application to lossless transmission lines
Delay-dependent exponential stability for neutral stochastic system with multiple time-varying delays
Distributed observer-based coordination for multiple Lagrangian systems using only position measurements
Stability and stabilisation of context-sensitive probabilistic Boolean networks

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