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IET Control Theory & Applications

Volume 8, Issue 16, 06 November 2014

Volume 8, Issue 16

06 November 2014

Policy to cope with deadlocks and livelocks for flexible manufacturing systems using the max′-controlled new smart siphons
Finite-time energy-to-peak filtering for Markov jump repeated scalar non-linear systems with packet dropouts
Robust finite-time H control for uncertain singular stochastic Markovian jump systems via proportional differential control law
Decomposition approach to exponential synchronisation for a class of non-linear singularly perturbed complex networks
Global state feedback stabilisation for a class of more general high-order non-linear systems
Multiobjective controller design by solving a multiobjective matrix inequality problem
Consensus in Markovian jump second-order multi-agent systems with random communication delay
Online approximate optimal control for affine non-linear systems with unknown internal dynamics using adaptive dynamic programming
Disturbance-observer-based control & ℋ control for non-linear Markovian jump singular systems with multiple disturbances
Multi-Step probabilistic sets in model predictive control for stochastic systems with multiplicative uncertainty
New results on stability analysis and stabilisation of networked control system
A nonmonotonically decreasing relaxation approach of Lyapunov functions to guaranteed cost control for discrete fuzzy systems
New kernel independent and principal components analysis-based process monitoring approach with application to hot strip mill process
Time optimisation problem for switched stochastic systems with multi-switching times
Consensus of delayed multi-agent systems by reduced-order observer-based truncated predictor feedback protocols
Necessary and sufficient conditions for distributed containment control of multi-agent systems without velocity measurement
Linear time-varying control of the vibrations of flexible structures

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