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IET Control Theory & Applications

Volume 8, Issue 15, 16 October 2014

Volume 8, Issue 15

16 October 2014

Signal difference-based deadband control for networked control systems with variable sampling intervals
Robust H static output control of discrete Markov jump linear systems with norm bounded uncertainties
Adaptive robust control of bilateral teleoperation systems with unmeasurable environmental force and arbitrary time delays
Finite-time attitude control for rigid spacecraft-based on adaptive super-twisting algorithm
Modelling and observer-based H controller design for networked control systems
Adaptive fuzzy wavelet network for robust fault detection and diagnosis in non-linear systems
Multi-loop PI/PID controllers design for disturbance rejection based on non-parametric effective model and non-convex optimisation
Sampling-based learning control of quantum systems via path planning
Robust extended Kalman filter for attitude estimation with multiplicative noises and unknown external disturbances
Exponential stability of impulsive positive systems with mixed time-varying delays
Distributed input and state estimation for non-linear discrete-time systems with direct feedthrough
Robust position control of a lab helicopter under wind disturbances
Static output-feedback controller design for vehicle suspensions: an effective two-step computational approach
Finite-time boundedness of switched delay systems: the reciprocally convex approach
Setpoint control of networked systems via static output feedback integral controller
Gradient-based iterative algorithm for a class of the coupled matrix equations related to control systems
Stabilisation of a class of two-dimensional nonlinear systems with intermittent measurements
Addendum to ‘ H 2 control of discrete-time Markov jump linear systems with uncertain transition probability matrix: improved LMI relaxations and multi-simplex modeling’

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