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IET Control Theory & Applications

Volume 7, Issue 7, 02 May 2013

Volume 7, Issue 7

02 May 2013

A survey of underactuated mechanical systems
Adaptive predictive control of periodic non-linear auto-regressive moving average systems using nearest-neighbour compensation
Trajectory tracking of a mobile robot with frictions and uncertainties using hierarchical sliding-mode under-actuated control
Game-theoretic linear parameter-varying control with multiple L 2-gain objectives upon energy-motion regulation of electric bikes propulsion
Stable-protocol output consensus for high-order linear swarm systems with time-varying delays
Output-feedback stabilisation control for a class of under-actuated mechanical systems
Structured non-linear noise behaviour and the use of median averaging in non-linear systems with m-sequence inputs
Dynamic output feedback H control for continuous-time networked control systems
Geometric approach for observability and accessibility of discrete-time non-linear switched impulsive systems
Improved bounds for the spectrum of interval matrices
Local mode-dependent decentralised H control of uncertain Markovian jump large-scale systems
Some applications of passivity-based control and invariance principles
Distributed adaptive consensus tracking of a class of networked non-linear systems with parametric uncertainties
Finite-time stability and finite-time weighted L 2-gain analysis for switched systems with time-varying delay

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